MDH International School has grown phenomenally over the years and has attained a position to support education. It has a proper infrastructure and all necessary facilities designed to provide quality education in a congenial environment.
School’s academic arrangement is segregated in four wings:

  1. Pre-School Wing
  2. Pre-Primary Wing
  3. Junior Wing
  4. Senior Wing

Although these departments are isolated in academic perspective but are very much integrated on the platform of ideology of the school in quintessence struggle for distinction.

The environment of the Bio lab inculcates love for all living organisms. It holds a mirror unto the marvellous world of microbes, thus providing an impetus to the students to look for successful career options in life sciences. The lab is a home to a wide variety of specimens ranging from bacteria to human skeleton.

The limitless opportunity to experiment with the reagents and chemicals in the chemistry lab facilitate the growth of scientific temper and kindle curiosity in the students.

The physics lab is equipped with a wide variety of apparatus which supplements and strengthens the concept learning in the classroom. The latest facilities and apparatus provide ample opportunities to the students to do practical work.

A good ambience brings ebullience in learning, so the classrooms are spacious and airy to provide a positive learning environment. As an endearing addition, a state of the art smart classrooms has also been set up to enable the use of computers as a teaching aid for teaching all subjects. The students are able to learn their curriculum effectively and efficiently.

The school strives to inculcate the habit of reading at a young age. This enhances knowledge and improves the reading and writing habits. It is conducive to cement peace and harmony. The library is a store house of some of the most of the popular masterpieces in Hindi and English, catering the appetite of readers of all age groups. The vast collection is replenished from time to time thus making the place most favourite destination for the students. Separate sections for reference books, Teachers’ Corner and Question Banks are also set up in the school’s library.

Bio Lab
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Interactive Classrooms
Computer Lab
Dance Room
Art & Craft